Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love Valentine’s Day! I loved it when I was single and going out with my close friends to celebrate our love for my ladies. I love it now when I am in a relationship with an amazing guy. I also loved it when I was younger and had no clue what romantic love felt like and you gave everyone in your class a card with your favourite Disney characters on it. I think its just a nice day to celebrate the love you feel for your people. Also chocolate is always a plus in my books.

Today’s blog I am gonna share photos from two sessions I did last year with the beautiful Katlyn. I swear it looks like I am her biggest fan because I am always blogging about her. Maybe I am. No shame here. She’s one of my muses and I am happy to promote her any way and any angle (obtuse? acute?) I can. Did I just give you some flashbacks of trig? Your very welcome.

For the first shoot I am gonna show is styled by the amazing stylist, Fatima. I can’t get enough of her work. She can make anyone look like a billion bucks. Pair that with Katlyn’s natural beauty and you have perfection.

I definitely picked the purple background after I saw her hair colour. I remember thinking I was gonna use a red background but then changed my mind. Also pairing that with a light purple bra. Yes, Yes, YES!

The second photo’s background is a fabric I bought from Fabricland. I happen to live close by to Fabricland which is dangerous. I’m a club member – not to brag or anything. I’m a the OG of Fabricland.

The second shoot I’m gonna show is boudoir in a bedroom setting using natural light. We had two looks for this shoot. First looks (above) is a natural beauty look and the second is a 70’s wild child look.

The sunny was really shine that morning! The natural light beaming through the windows was amazing.

Katlyn is a star. That’s all I can say.

And just like that we made the switch to bring back the 70s. The whole vibe has change. I am in love with these vintage shots.

These last few photos were my attempt to capture a “boyfriend’s point of view”. As if these were personal photos taken by a lover with a Polaroid camera. How did I do?

To see more of these amazing ladies work, click the link below

Katlyn: @kitty_kat2323

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

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