I learned a life lesson through a sad situation

Pineapple and model

I learned a life lesson through a sad situation

Yesterday I learned a life lesson through a sad situation. What I learned was you don’t have control of what happens to you, but you can control how you respond.

Yesterday evening I had a shoot planned with the beautiful model, Keirstin. I was very excited for our summer themed shoot but I had to pick up my bunny, Rigby, from my mom’s place before the session. I was on vacation last week visiting my boyfriend’s family in Sault Ste. Marie and my mom was watching Rigby while we were away. Rigby loves it there. She has a whole bedroom to herself and is able to hop around freely. My mom also spoils her rotten and orders salad for her every night as an added snack. This the bunny version of a luxury vacation. We arrived at my mom’s place and were ready to take her home, until I realized she had passed away. Losing a pet is never easy and I am a big animal lover so my heart was broken. This is when I learned this life lesson. I could not control what happened to me. I could not change the fact that my bunny had passed away. But what I could control is what I did after. I could have cancelled the shoot last minute and let the grief I was feeling consume me or I could take my bunny home, do the shoot as planned and then deal with everything afterwards. I decided to be strong and do the shoot. Keirstin was all packed and had her makeup done and was ready to leave her house when I found my bunny. I have a very busy schedule and if I were to take the evening off, the shoot would be pushed back until August. I couldn’t do that.

I believe there are going to be many hard moments in your life. You take a risk every time you love someone or something unconditionally. When you take chances in life it is inevitable that you will eventually fall on hard times. But it’s up to you on how you deal with the situation and how you grow from it. Keirstin and I had a fun summer themed shoot planned for the day. The photos we shot are full of life and happiness. I am very grateful to have that shoot at that time and to have a few moments of happiness after a sad loss. Here are the photos we created together.

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