Body Positive Session with Nadia

Body Positive Session with Nadia

Body positive portrait sessions are unique and deeply satisfying. I see these sessions as a way to celebrate our bodies in their current state and be grateful for all things we have overcome so far. Our bodies continuously change as we age and that’s completely normal. It would be a shame if we spent our lives wishing for another younger body when the ones we have are healthy, attractive and deserving of our love. It’s all too easy to be fooled by the altered images we see on social media and compare ourselves to that.  It’s not a fair battle and we deserve better.

My first body positive session was with an incredible Tunisian lady named Nadia. She recently moved to Canada in December and is truly embracing her new life in Ottawa. Nadia is a very strong, independent woman who loves to dance and have a good time. She said it’s “the person’s soul that makes them beautiful” and she believes all women are beautiful. She was a great fit for the body positive session.

We chatted before our session together and she told me she loves to dance and listen to her favourite music. She danced through most of our session and I can tell she was having a good time. Dancing is her way of honouring and loving her body. She wasn’t afraid to look silly. She’s a very confident lady.

It was a lot of fun capturing Nadia’s movements. I loved how beautiful the royal blue dress looked on her. She always had a smile on her face making for some really cool shots.

Before each of my shoots I ask my subjects what their comfort level in regards to their clothing. This is a personal choice and I respect everyone’s limits.  For Nadia, she wanted portraits showing off her waistline by wearing her favourite jeans and a scarf-shirt wrap. I loved that she paired that outfit with her headphones. It really gave the look a night fashion vibe.

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