Mother’s Day Giveaway with Mallall

Mother’s Day Giveaway with Mallall

In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day last year, my team and I put out a Mother’s Day giveaway on IG. This included having your hair styled and cut by the amazing hairstylist, Nina Al-Hassan, who also owns and runs Laash Lashes plus makeup by Fatima Abeduljalil, who is so incredibly skilled. And of course, a photo session with me! Mallall was the lucky winner. Unfortunately, shortly before our shoot she and her family were in a car accident (thankfully, no one was hurt aside from the car and the deer who ran into the car). Because of this, we pushed the date back until everyone’s schedule lined up again. Nina had already cut and styled her hair before the accident, but generously came out again to style Mallall’s hair the day of the session. It was really nice having a full team at my studio.

Here’s Mallall’s transformation! She is naturally a very beautiful woman with a very sweet personality. As you can see, Fatima and Nina enhanced her natural beauty with their knowledge and skills. Mallall is an artist herself. She is a painter and offer’s paint nights for a fun night out. I would definitely recommend you check out her work and what services she has to offer. I see a paint night in my near future!

After her makeup and hair was all done, we invited her two adorable sons to the studio with her handsome husband. We took some cute portraits of her and her kids solo first because, after all, it was a Mother’s Day session. Then we threw dad into the mix. What a beautiful and kind family!

And some full family shots! We did these portraits pretty quickly. Kids tend to have a shorter attention span so it’s best to shoot quick so they have a fun experience. Also, so the parent’s don’t feel stress when kids get tired or bored.



It was an honour to meet and photograph Mallall and her family. Her kids were super well behaved with the youngest interested in seeing the photos off my camera. Maybe he will be a photographer when he is older?

To see more of my team’s work, click the links below:


Nina hairstylist & owner of Laash lashes

Fatimamakeup artist

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