Portraits of my amazing Family

Portraits of my amazing Family

One of the biggest perks of being a photographer is that you also get to capture portraits of those you love. I am blessed to have many siblings and cousins who have young children all around the same age. There is always cute moments around to capture with the happiness they bring to the family. Children’s love and happiness is quite contagious making for some really adorable shots. Here are some personal family shots of my family I took on a warm November day.

Let’s start with my parents! Here’s some shots of my dad, Steve and step mom, Nicky. Nicky just became a biological grandma in the spring (from her oldest son – Luke) and has a new grandson on the way (from her youngest son – Nick). Is it was nice to capture some photos of her with her grandson, Salix. Unfortunately, with lots of colds going around, my brother Corey and his family couldn’t make it. Otherwise there would be even more grandchildren in this set. They were missed!

And here’s some portraits of Luke (my step brother), his beautiful wife, Britney and their son, Salix. You probably seen them a lot in my photos. Britney and Luke are my go to family to photograph because they love portraits as much as I do and because they have always been supportive of my business and passion from day one. I think it’s truly incredible that I get to capture portraits of Salix from the beginning with maternity portraits and hopefully until my final days. That also goes for my other nieces and nephews! This is definitely a really cool bonus of being an aunt.

I know people say that there is a difference from siblings and cousins but I don’t feel that way. I grew up with my cousin, Colin, from pretty much day one. My mom would babysit him on the weekdays and it wasn’t uncommon for the families to get together on the weekends and every holiday so to me he’s more like a brother. Here’s some portrait of him and his beautiful wife, Karen and their son, Marshal. And of course, my Aunt Jan! The bond between my Aunt Jan and Marshal is so beautiful. Marshal lights up whenever he sees her and so does she. Grandparents are such a treasure. I loved my grandparents deeply and I can see so does Marshal. It’s very precious.

I feel it’s super important to capture moments of your family. I am not saying this because I am a photographer (although I do admit I am biased). Family portraits that you create today will be precious down the road. Think about a portrait of a family member who has passed. Those portraits are worth more to you than gold. Children grow up and life moves on but portraits can take you back to those happy moments and raise your spirits. Never underestimate the power of photography.

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