Model Portfolio + Fashion Shoot with Ian Anderson

Model Portfolio + Fashion Shoot with Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson is both a male model and a photographer located in Ottawa.  If you follow my work, you’ve probably seen him on my social media posts before. It’s really nice to have other photographers as friends. It’s always fun doing shoots together and chatting about what projects we are doing as photographers.  There’s never a dull moment. Today I am sharing the model portfolio shoot we did together and the fashion inspired portraits we did afterwards.

Let’s start with his model portfolio portraits. I always do these against a white wall in my studio and take some headshots with a white backdrop. The key to these portraits is to make the model look like themselves in the best light possible, while not taking away from the model’s appearance with distractions like fancy clothing. Here I got Ian to bring fitted jeans and a black t-shirt. Super simple is key.

Now for the more fashion based portraits. These are my favourite type of portraits to do, especially close-ups. I love photographing these types of shots because I love people’s faces and expressions. Ian brought a mix of clothing; workout attire, a really cool green jacket, a green Hawaiian shirt, and a funky rose embroidered jacket. You know the shoot will go smoothly when the model brings a great range of clothing to work with.

Ian’s hair changes colours through the seasons. I photographed him during the summer months and his hair is more blonde with the influence of the sun. I also am digging his strawberry blonde hair with the green colour of the coat. This coat is totally meant for him.

I love alternating from colour to black and white. I do this more with men than women. I really love making the shadows darker as well. Adds to the mood of the portraits.

Here, Ian is ready to spend the week on a beach in the tropics. The green of his shirt definitely brings out the green in his eyes.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my work with the talented model, Ian. To see more of his work, click the links below.


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