Boudoir Session with Bex

Boudoir Session with Bex

I met Bex, also known as the cuddly antelope, on Instagram where we arranged a boudoir shoot together. She is a fellow photographer and also models quite regularly. Bex is absolutely beautiful as you will see from the photos that we did together. A super fun thing that Bex does is she constantly changes her hair colour which gives her an arrangement of looks as a model. When I photographed her, she had orange hair which I thought really suited her.  I love people who are comfortable being themselves.  Wearing a bold hair colour definitely takes some confidence.  It’s also no secret that I am a big sucker for the colour orange, so I was in heaven.

There is something so beautiful and empowering about women who are unapologetically themselves. This is something that many women have a hard time with. Today’s beauty standards are so strict and contorted that most girls only fit society’s perception of “ideal” as teenagers, before they have yet to truly become women.  Before they develop those curves and widened hips that come with womanhood.  But Bex has beautiful curves and has a very positive outlook on body image.  We all know that women come in different shapes and sizes. I firmly believe that the time to celebrate your body and yourself is now.  Not when you lose weight or fit back into that old pair of jeans. Life is too short to be unhappy just because ever-changing beauty standards don’t line up perfectly with your body’s shape or size.

One way I have learned to accept and love my body’s changes as I age is to look at the other women in my family. The physical traits that you admire on them may be similar to your own appearance.  For example, I have a “inverted triangle” body shape, meaning my shoulders are wider compared to my hips. I used to dislike this about myself until I realized that all of my female relatives also have broad shoulders.  Yet, never have I looked at any woman in my family and thought negatively about their body shape, as I have done do to myself.  Instead, I think how fabulous each woman is and how uniquely beautiful each of them are (even with broad shoulders).

Seriously, we need to be kinder to ourselves, just as we are to the women we love.  That’s so important for our growth as women and allows us to not get hung up by body image issues, and instead keeps us doing amazing things with our lives.


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