Vintage boudoir with Josée

Vintage boudoir with Josée

Here’s a throwback blog post with the beautiful Josée. I am actually surprised I didn’t blog about this amazing shoot before. I think this shoot was done before I started blogging. Either way, I am happy to share these photos with you now. To recap, Josée was my beautiful model for this session and the fabulous stylist, Fatima, did her hair and makeup. I can’t express how much I love Fatima’s work and how talented she is. I will let the photos do the talking.

I bought this light blue vintage night gown from the thrift store. It was such a great match to the look Fatima created. It actually makes my heart race a bit. Josée is such a beautiful woman and poses so elegantly – look at the softness of her hands!!! I got to say hands are not an easy body part to pose. A hand can ruin an otherwise good photo. Sad story but so true.

I was on the ball this shoot because I did studio boudoir shots and bedroom boudoir shots. Way to go me! So these photos were taken in the summer of 2018. It’s actually a lot of fun as a photographer to go back and look at your older work. Go back down memory lane and feel all nostalgic. Crack open a box of Cleanex to wipe away all your happy tears. (hahaha)

I remember editing these photos and being all proud. I was so cute. It was an absolute pleasure working with both Fatima and Josée on this project. They did such an amazing job. Yay team!

To see more of my team’s work:

Josée: @joseesandramarie

Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

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