Autumn Couple shoot with Brittany and Luke

Autumn Couple shoot with Brittany and Luke

Autumn is such a magical time for portrait photography.  With so many beautiful colours in the background, it can almost be sensory overload but in the most gorgeous way. I connected with Luke and Brittany to see if they wanted some portraits done. Luke is my  brother and has always been super supportive with my photography. He let me practice taking business headshots with him a year or so ago and now was game to take some nice photos with his wife. I don’t have any photos of them as a couple, which is a shame because they have been married for around 8 years. I thought it was time to change that. Brittany and Luke are an ideal couple to photograph. They are both very good looking and also very comfortable and natural with each other.

Our shoot took place in Aylmer, Quebec near the Rideau river. Luke and Brittany picked the location and it was absolutely perfect. Quebec is a beautiful province which continues to surprise me with its fantastic locations. I love asking the people who I photograph if they have locations where they would like to shoot, because I end up finding new places I would have never thought of myself.

I really wanted some photos with their adorable puppy, Tao. It’s always a challenge to get good photos with animals because they love to explore and they have a hard time understanding why they must stay still. We got some good photos with Tao, nonetheless, so I was very happy. He’s a very cute and intelligent dog.

I love candid photos as much as posed photos so when I do couple shoots I usually direct some action for the most part. I ask the couple to walk or say silly things or even tickle each other so I can get natural looks from the couple and their interaction with each other. Then I do some posed photos, for which I always have samples saved on my phone to show them. I find people are very visual and can adapt to poses very quickly when they can see exactly what you want them to do.

We were shooting at golden hour while the sun was setting. I love the natural highlights in Brittany’s beautiful hair. I have a habit of shooting close up because these photos really appeal to me, so sometimes I have to challenge myself and move back to capture more of the surroundings.

Brittany directed us to a bridge nearby where she runs daily. It was absolutely beautiful and it was just about the time when the sun was setting. It was the perfect spot to end our shoot.

And of course there are some funny photos to share. We asked Luke if he could hold Tao like a baby. He did, but Tao wasn’t gonna put up with it without giving a fight. The end result was exactly what we wanted.

A big thank you to Brittany and Luke for the super fun fall shoot. You guys rocked it!


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