Photographing a dog model, Remy

Photographing a dog model, Remy

I have been following Remy, a fashion forward dog model, for about a year now. He is super cute and always looks like he is having a great time in all of his photos. His owner and his creative director, Pascal Jean-Louis, constantly comes up with new and refreshing looks for Remy which gets featured in his various shoots. Remy has many dog clothing and dog accessory sponsors. I am blown away by Remy’s weekly new content and the great length Pascal goes through to create new videos and instagram stories. As the story goes, Pascal’s grandmother mentioned that Remy could be a dog model and Pascal made it happen. If you aren’t already following Remy on Instagram, you really should. Remy’s original content will make you smile and brighten your day.

Pascal wrote me during the short period within COVID when things reopened. We picked a date and meet up downtown Ottawa to do our shoot. I haven’t been shoot much throughout the various COVID restrictions so it was nice to have such a cute model to photograph. Not to mention, I am a huge fan girl of Remy. I love dogs and Remy is no exception.

For this shoot, Remy was wearing many designers (the little diva!). I will link all the clothing and accessories brands below for the dog lovers to check out. Remy is a Jack Tzu and super expressive in his photos. When I met Remy, I was very impressed of his calm demeanour. Pascal could pick him up and place him somewhere like a table, or in a bag, and he would stay put. He is such a great little dude. His older sister made an appearance and took part in the shoot. She didn’t love being a model like Remy. She didn’t love being held for long periods and would move. She would wiggle out of the clothing. That being said, she photographed great as well but just needed a little more patience. She is also a very sweet natured dog.

Without further Adieu, here are the photo of my shoot with these two pups and their dog parents.

Click the links below to see more from Remy and his sponspors:

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Mister Woof: Knitted Dog Attire:


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