Boudoir Session with Mel

Boudoir Session with Mel

I planned this shoot specifically to teach Kelsie, my co-op student, how I do boudoir. When I teach, I have Kelsie shoot alongside me and we take turns. This is the only shoot we did that was natural light and it was a lot of fun. Mel is an incredible model with a relaxed demeanor so she was a perfect model to have while teaching. Here are the photos I got from this session.

Lately I have been focusing on capturing the mood I desire instead of just trying to get photos I love. This has made me try different angles for shooting and I am having a blast.

I had to take some portraits in colour because of how awesome Mel’s hair is. Rainbow hair is not something I have the pleasure of photographing on the regular so I was pumped to have the opportunity.

Mel was brave and volunteered to do implied nude. I don’t normally opt for nudity in my portraits but I really like the portraits we created together. They turned out beautifully (if I don’t say so myself). Mel is an incredible model who poses naturally but also takes direction really well. I am all about posing the models/clients so I really like models who listen to instructions and follow my lead.


I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you would like to see more of Mel’s work and give her some love, check out the link below


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