Pump Magazine Publication with Florence

Pump Magazine Publication with Florence

Pump is an incredible fashion and beauty magazine. It’s not an easy magazine to get published in. They are very selective which I love. When you get published in their magazine you feel like you accomplished an achievement. For me, it proves that my photos are evolving into the style I desire. I personally take rejection as a way to see how you can grow even when it hurts. This is my second publication in Pump Magazine. I fell in love with these photos as soon as I saw them from the screen on the back of my camera. Pure feeling of joy, which is why photography is so rewarding, stimulating and even addictive.

Pump Publication

This shoot was one of three looks my team did in one day. Florence was our model for all three and Fatima did all the styling (both makeup and hair). I ran out to Loblaws while they were doing makeup and hair to buy these roses and also to buy some snacks. Three looks takes quite a bit of time and energy so we had to fuel up in between sets. The first look is my favourite because its so feminine and beautiful.

Next we did a fun candy themed session. Fatima planned this ahead and even covered our accessories in candy. I especially loved the glasses. It was such a fun touch. I played with background colours. Florence did an amazing job modelling for many hours. Long day but worth it.

The third look as completely Fatima’s creation. It almost resembles a hippie look. Fatima is super creative. Its a lot of fun watching others let their minds wander and create amazing work.

We also did some simple headshots a few weeks before this shoot. Fatima did Florence’s hair and makeup. It’s always good for models to have up to date headshots for castings.

Florence also brought the t-shirts she bought from an amazing local artist, Anaya’s Art. I was happy to take some photos of her to help promote and support local artists. Check them out.

To see more of my team’s work, click the links below:


Fatima: @beautytouch_byfatima

Anaya’s Art: @anaya.arts


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