Beauty Portraits with Model, Marie Laure

Beauty Portraits with Model, Marie Laure

Marie Laure is a beautiful model and was a lot of fun to photograph. She came to the session with an incredible attitude, props to shoot with, and concepts she wanted to try. She was more than prepared. Kelsie, my coop student from Algonquin college, and I took turns photographing her and we had a blast.

I have been making cupcakes lately for my sessions. I avoided offering food while the pandemic was in full swing but now it is fun to have some snacks on set. The funny thing is that a lot of models have asked to be photographed with them. I am not one to say no to fun ideas so the cupcakes made it into the portraits.

Marie Laure came with a beautiful bouquet. Kelsie did her concept that essentially was putting flowers stems in the jeans and wearing the flowers as a shirt. They turned out great, but because I have already done that concept before, I stepped aside for Kelsie to capture those. Instead, I had Marie Laure hold one beautiful pink rose to her face and added a purple gel to give her the purple highlights in the shadows of her face. It was really lovely working with Marie Laure.

To see more of my team’s work, click the link below:

Marie Lauremodel

Kelsie Coop photography student

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