Fall Fashion with Megan

Fall Fashion with Megan

Autumn is my favourite season with all of the beautiful natural backdrops it brings. Sweater weather and colourful backgrounds – it’s honestly a photographer’s dream! Here’s some fall fashion portraits I took of the beautiful Toronto model, Megan, back in 2017. I did some minor edits to the portraits.

We did our shoot at the Arboretum within the experimental farm. It’s honestly one of my favourite places to shoot In Ottawa. The wooden bridge has been rebuilt now and it doesn’t look so rustic. It’s still a beautiful spot to have your portraits taken.

The Rideau Canal was drained when we took these shots so it looks like we are near a lake. Really, it’s just the emptied canal.

If you would like some portraits Autumn portraits, feel free to reach out to me. I love shooting in nature and creating beautiful memorable portraits.

To see more of Megan’s work, click the link below:


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