Mother’s Day Session with Ruth and Vince

Mother’s Day Session with Ruth and Vince

“Grown doesn’t mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown. In my heart it doesn’t mean a thing.” – Tony Morrison

I had the honour of photographing the relationship between my husband, Vince, and his mother, Ruth. They are both used to me photographing them so they are both amazing in front of the camera. That being said, the portraits become more special with their ability to forget that I am there taking their portraits and just being present with each other. It’s their emotions and expressions that I feel make these portraits pop. They both did a great job which makes my job pretty darn easy! These two are my favourites.

I adore photographing adult kids with their parents. Adult children have grown up, possibly had their own children, and recognize how much love and admiration they feel towards their parents. They now view them not only as their parent, but also a close friend. The mothers have done their job of raising their children and now get to sit back and enjoy them as adults. It’s a really beautiful relationship and so much fun photographing it.

Ozzy, our cocker spaniel dog, also got into some portraits. He is a huge grandma fan. She is one of his first loves and she treats him so well. They are very cute together and Ozzy definitely gets spoiled in the process. He demanded to be in the portraits and make the photos that much cuter.

If you are looking to get some family portraits done, feel free to reach out to me. I have a Mother’s Day sale happening now and have a few spots still available. Contact me for more details.

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