Burgers, Dragon Fruit, Papapya & Pineapples

Burgers, Dragon Fruit, Papapya & Pineapples

I love doing creative shoots and concepts I normally wouldn’t do for stock photography. This shoot is one of them. I had the beautiful model, Kasandra, pose with a Wendy’s burger, pineapple, papaya and dragonfruit. I also was teaching while doing this by having my coop student, Kelsie, shoot beside me. Who doesn’t like multitasking.

Let’s start with the duo with the Wendy’s burger! The burger start out looking cute and then after awhile it started looking crumbly and all around grumpy. The burger met its final fate after the shoot when my husband discovered it. Waste not want not.

One of the photos above was shared by Wendy’s on instagram. That was an interesting win.

We made this burger work! The burger had three mini shoots between Kelsie and I. I even got Kasandra into a pink gown to go more fashion with this burger. Why not be extra?

And then there was a papaya! And who doesn’t eat a papaya with some killer Elton John inspired blue rhinestone glasses?

I kinda love the beauty shots with a dragonfruit. Kasandra is a gorgeous lady and that’s one beautiful dragonfruit, if I can say so myself. Winning!

I loved the clothing Kasandra brought! She got those epic green pants from a thrift store. They were killer.

If you would like to see more of Kasandra’s work, click the link below:


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