Spring and it’s Natural Beauty

Spring and it’s Natural Beauty

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” – Pablo Neruda

Spring is a blessing to photography. The days are often overcast and the new blossoms are vibrant with life. Aside from those with allergies, it is truly one of the best things life has to offer. That may sound extreme to some. I am pretty sure that the beginning of the Lion King was taken place in the spring. All the animals are living their best lives and love is in the air. Well, love is in the air for my camera. All the colours and textures that can be captures through the lens is absolutely stunning. Spring brings an element of femininity and its fabulous.

With the Corona Virus overstaying its welcome for the last year and a bit, I haven’t been able to take any recent portraits of the bloom. I think in situations like global pandemics, its best to be grateful for the experiences you have had and do what you can do within your situational limitations. I’m going to head dive into my archives to bring back some spring spirit.

Above: Portraits of the beautiful model/actress Florence Cajuste, Makeup by Chanel

Above: Portraits of the stunning Shahreen

Above: HAHA snuck in some self portraits in there. I looked pretty weird taking my own portraits at the park. For art, it was worth it.


Above: portraits of the lovely photographer, Adriana

Above: Young talented actor, Evelyn  

Above: the fabulous actress/Model, Florence; Makeup and hair by Fatima Abeduljalil

Above: The stunning makeup and hair stylist, Raadhaa; and her son

Above: my men; Vincent and Ozzy

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