Body Positive Session with Lilly

Body Positive Session with Lilly

I had the pleasure of photographing Lilly for a body positive session. Lilly is such a cool lady. She is the kind of girl you meet and know instantly that she is good people. Her day job is working in a veterinarian office and taking care of the Ottawa area’s pets. It is comforting to know that there are super sweet people like Lilly available to take care of our pets when it’s needed.

I think it’s pretty powerful that there are so many women interested in doing body positive/self love sessions. It’s even more incredible that these brave women are comfortable with me sharing their portraits to further empower women to be comfortable in their own skin. Each one of these women, in my opinion, are their own kind of super heroes.

Lilly only brought one lingerie outfit but it is super cute. I love that her earrings match her outfit and how amazing that burnt orange colour looks on her. As you can see Lilly was full of smiles and laughter. She did such a great job. Lilly is absolutely fabulous.

Congrats to Lilly for having the courage to have these portraits done for herself. She will hopefully look back on these portraits later on in life and think “damn, I am a babe”.


If you are interested in doing a body positive session yourself, please shoot me a message. I would love to create a shoot for you.

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