Couple Road Trip Portraits

Couple Road Trip Portraits

What says summer better than a fun road trip with your significant other? With a pandemic still looming and airports being completely swamped with people wanting to travel at the same time that they are understaffed, road trips are the way to go this summer.  Having recently come back from my own adventure on the road, I made a post on Instagram looking for a couple or group of friends to do a mock shoot for stock photography.  Justin and his wife, Anik, volunteered. I am so happy they did – they were perfect for this session!

Justin and Anik are super expressive and are an adorable couple. Both are absolutely gorgeous and so easy going. I often direct my models to laugh and be themselves. These two understood the project and delivered just what I was hoping for! A+ for both of them!

For our faux travel photoshoot, we started with interior car portraits.  Justin and Anik had just bought a brand new car, a Ford Bronco, that was super clean and perfect for the shoot. Even their car was ready for the camera! I loved Justin and Anik’s loving interaction with each other. They truly did an awesome job!

I also did fun and fashionable individual shots as well.  After all, everyone needs a good profile photo update once in awhile.

We were fancy and moved the photos outside of the car and used it as a prop. A very fancy and expensive prop at that.

I hope you enjoyed these portraits. If you are looking to get some new portraits taken with your significant other, please feel free to reach out and schedule a session. I would be more than thrilled to create some portraits of you and your loved one.

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