Karis & Max’s Engagement Session

Karis & Max’s Engagement Session

Karis and Max are the most adorable couple ever. I have taken photos of them twice before this engagement session and they really can’t take a bad photo. So it’s easy to say that I was over the moon excited when Karis asked me to be their wedding photographer. This will be my second wedding as a main photographer but funny enough I am not nervous at all. They are so easy going, and even though we had to shoot the engagement photos in the most challenging of situations (noon with full sun) we managed to get some incredible shots. They also brought their adorable Boston terrier, Pistache. How can you not have a good time with a little ball of energy running around?

So shooting in full sun at noon (when it’s directly above you) is THE worst! Bright sun causes harsh shadows and often blows out the highlights in photos. So what do you do when you have a shoot at noon on a sunny day with no clouds in the sky? If you can, find a shady area. This can be challenging too, because trees don’t always have full coverage and you can end up with hotspots. You can also use a reflector or diffuser to have someone physically block the sun with it. Or, if you’re geared up, you can bring artificial light such as a strobe or flash to add light where needed and overpower the sun, but you’ll need to darken your shot.  For this you’ll either have to adjust your settings to combat the sun – low ISO, low aperture (around f/16), and adjust the shutter speed – or the alternative is to use filters such as neutral density filters. Neutral density filters are like sunglasses for your lens. They vary based on how much darkness they add to your lens. Thats enough technical photography talk. Back to Karis, Max and precious Pistachio.

What a cute little family! We had treats for Pistache. He was having a great time and also did a great job of being a model. I tried to create some photos with movement and fun. The next bunch of photos are walking photos that we played with. Pistache was off leash and loved running around his humans. He almost looks like he was dancing.

And of course we took some engagement ring photos. I love detail shots in engagements and weddings. They are so fun and timeless. I also loved that Max was wearing a yellow plaid shirt. It was a great complement to the autumn colours and perfect place for Karis to rest her hand on to bring a pop of colour.

I took a bunch of photos where Karis and Max were acting like themselves. I got Max to make Karis laugh and then he laughed too, making for some great shots showing their genuine personalities and love for each other. These are my favourites from this session.

Max and Karis are getting married next year in June. They plan to have a small outdoor wedding and Pistache will be there and ready to get his humans married. When I was talking to them about the details of their wedding I got the sense that they were not stressed out about planning and instead they were simply looking forward to it. That is the way it should be. Planning a wedding is no easy task so good on them.

You can find Karis and Max on instagram. They are both models/actors/artists. Very creative couple. Definitely worth following if you like art inspiration.

Karis: @k_grub or @k_grub_art

Max: @the_alter_native

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