Fruit Fashion with Vintage Vibes

Fruit Fashion with Vintage Vibes

I love incorporating fruit with fashion photography. There are so many different ways it can be photographed. This idea all started with a dress. I have this beautiful blue little Bo Peep-looking vintage dress in my client wardrobe that has never been used, which I bought from Sell My Stuff Ottawa (an estate sale company). The dress was previously owned by another photographer who has great taste in fashion. She isn’t as active in photography anymore and was happy to sell the clothing to someone like me, who values fashion. Thanks Dawn!

I wanted to add some pop to the photos by adding oranges, but I didn’t want our model, Kasandra, to be just holding a handful of oranges.  So, I went to Value Village and found a beautiful basket to put them in. I had some blue and white faux flowers left over from my wedding so I threw them in for some added colour. After seeing our beautiful model, Kasandra, in the full setup I realized it had a vintage feel to the look. We shot later in the evening when the sun was already setting, so the grainy look added to the vintage concept. When you shoot without much natural light, you tend to get some noise (a grainy look) because your camera is trying to compensate for the lack of light. I didn’t want to add artificial light because I was already carrying the basket full of fruit and my camera to the park. Kasandra and I had walked to a park nearby my studio because it was such a beautiful evening.

For Kasandra’s look, I had the amazing makeup and hair stylist, Fatima Abeduljalil, create a beautiful style. Fatima is amazing all around (if I haven’t said that enough already) and she saw the outfit and the basket of oranges and created Kasandra’s look on her own. Fatima has an excellent eye for fashion. Fatima used Laash Lashes on Kasandra which I think looks amazing!

To see more of my team’s work, click the links below:

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