Boudoir session with Mel

Boudoir session with Mel

I had a positive work experience with Mel a few months earlier and was happy to reconnect with her again. Mel is a model from MIM and has a beautiful look. This time around Mel was interested in doing a boudoir session and I was super pumped. Our last session was a studio shoot so we switched it up and did a bedroom setup. I am really getting a lot of use out of the bedroom setup – which is super awesome! Mel is friends with Kelsey, whose a makeup artist I have since worked with again, and she did Mel’s makeup. She did an amazing job!

I had a lot of fun taking Mel’s photos. She is really great at taking direction and had lots of ideas going into this shoot. She brought an assortment of outfits and they all looks great on her. I am truly blessed with having many opportunities to work with such pleasant people.

Mel has such beautiful eyes and she poses very femininely which I adore. I love photos with a feminine touch so the shoot went very smoothly. Mel had a bunch of pose samples on her phone she wanted to try which is something I do a lot myself. I love showing models the poses I want they to try instead of instructing because it really helps them visualize what I am trying to direct.

Of course I need to have a couple black and white photos. There’s something about black and white boudoir photos that really make them stand out. I love making photos black and white when there is fine details in the photos like Mel’s tights in the photo above.

To see more of my team’s work click the links below.

Mel: @mel.portelance

Kelsey: @kelseyclarkemakeup


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