Sun & Bikinis & Photography

Sun & Bikinis & Photography

Anne is amazing fitness model who I have had the honour of photographing twice. For this session we went out and spent a morning in the sun capturing bikini portraits. The location of the shoot was at Petrie Island which was fairly empty at 9am in the morning. Also the sun wasn’t at it’s highest point in the sky yet and the temperature wasn’t yet super hot. Perfect for shooting (aside from the glaring sun but you can’t do anything about that.)

Anne has such a beautiful smile! We laughed so much during this session. It was really nice to reconnect with her and what better way to spend a Saturday morning than hanging out at the beach being creative together and creating beautiful portraits. I am honest blessed to have just an awesome job.

Isn’t Anne gorgeous!? I love switching some portraits to black and white.

If you do plan on doing a bikini shoot, definitely consider bringing a sun hat. Not only for the traditional use of a hat (to protect you from sun) but it also aids as a good posing prop. I actually brought one with me in case Anne forgot hers but that’s not Anne’s style. She is always super prepared – a clear sign of a great model.


To see more of Anne’s work, click the link below:

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