Myth: You Need A Perfect Location To Take Good Portraits

Myth: You Need A Perfect Location To Take Good Portraits

I always get asked where are perfect locations to shoot portraits in Ottawa. It’s a valid question and there are some locations that are better than others. That being said you only need to fill the frame of your lens so location choices can be made easier. For this shoot, Nadya and I went to a nearby park close to my home studio. The park is a decent size with a playground area, a tennis court, a kids pool, a soccer field, a baseball diamond, a basketball court and a pathway through it for walking your dog. That’s a lot of activities crammed into one park. There are patches of trees throughout the park and that is what we used as a background to get these portraits. I did have to wait sometimes for a car behind the trees to pass so there wasn’t any red random colours in the background. Minor inconveniences.

These two portraits above are right beside the tennis court. There was a bench to Nadya’s left. I just didn’t include it in my portraits.

This was nearby the exit of the child’s playground. It was super cute to hear the kids talking about what Nadya was wearing. They loved her outfits. There was a decent amount of space between us and the kids.

To see more of Nadya’s work, click the link below:


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