Brittany and Luke’s Maternity Session

Brittany and Luke’s Maternity Session

You have probably seen these cool cats on my page before, but allow me to introduce them again. Luke is my handsome stepbrother who has volunteered many times to let me practice new photography techniques on him. Brittany is his beautiful wife who is always down for a fun photography adventure as well. So, when I found out that they are expecting, I volunteered my photography services to capture this happy moment in their life. As an added bonus, I also got a tour of their new house, which thanks to COVID restrictions, had prevented me from doing so previously. Being an older house with so much personality, I loved it. This also gave me a new location to photograph in, something that’s always exciting for a photographer.

Our first shooting location was in their kitchen. I love photographing couples in their natural environment. It shows their personality in the photos and I find people are always more comfortable and relaxed in their home environment.

I can hardly believe Luke and Brittany have been married for 11 years! I love photographing happy couples who have been together for a long time. They are really good at making each other laugh and have absolutely zero inhibitions about looking silly in front of one other.

The next location was their bedroom. I was taken back by the beautiful natural light shining in and could hardly wait to capture a few photos without a strobe.

Next we shot in the living room…

And finally in their backyard, which was my favourite location of all.  It was super exciting because they have a fire pit, and before long, Luke had a good fire going which was perfect for the shots. They had a really cool fashionable blanket to wrap up in. Luckily, it wasn’t a freezing day and the heat from the fire made shooting outside rather comfortable.

Congratulations to Brittany and Luke on their first child. I am so excited to meet my little nephew or niece.  I know these two will be incredible parents!

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