Feeling rusty after COVID?

Feeling rusty after COVID?

The Covid pandemic has prevented many of us from doing the things we love. This can include parts of your job, your hobbies and passions, and other things that bring you to life. The thing I hear from most from the models I work with lately is “I feel rusty.”  That’s ok…this is normal!  I think most of us are feeling this way in some fashion or another. Something you used to do without much thought now requires you to get back in your groove. That being said, the models who I’ve heard this from have all done an incredible job at our shoots!

Florence Cajuste and I always have a long list of shoots we plan to do together. We’re both very similar in that we like to plan out our shoots in great detail, we like working with local designers and artists, and we are always coming up with new concepts. This may be one of the reasons why we are best friends. Every photographer should have at least one model as a close friend. This way, you can truly create great art together and you’ll always have someone in your corner when the art scene gets tough.

Florence networked with her friend who is a fashion designer, Violette Mode, who made her a beautiful lingerie set and a burgundy robe. Fatima Abeduljalil did Florence’s makeup and hair with this outfit in mind. Finally, the makeup look was complemented with a pair of Laash Lashes. Florence and I had planned out multiple shoots in one session because we were making up for lost time during the many lockdowns that had prevented us from creating portraits.

The robe above is made by Florence’s cousin, fashion designer Leonie Couture. She is located in Montreal, Quebec which is known for it’s European influence and great fashion sense.

The next set was styled by me. A company called Ambassador sent me a few pairs of sunglasses (I have a linked a 50% off discount code below in the credits if you are interested in purchasing a pair of sunglasses from them).  I knew I wanted to create a cool look for Florence so I paired the first pair of sunglasses with a black turtleneck sweater that I own. Next, I matched that look with a soft brown paper backdrop. After capturing a few snaps, I was very happy with the “New York” vibe I was getting from this look.

The second pair of sun glasses I matched with a ’70s vintage dress I bought from a local second hand reseller, Vintage Vibe. I liked how the pink shades went with the purple tones of the dress. As you can see, Florence and I covered many looks in one day.

Florence loves my mustard coloured armchair from Ikea so we took some portraits of her sitting in it with a black turtleneck sweater. These would make branding shots, don’t you think?

To check out my team’s work, click the links below.

Florence – model – https://www.instagram.com/bcajuste/

Fatima – makeup and hair – https://www.instagram.com/beautytouch_byfatima/

Laash Lashes – lashes – https://www.instagram.com/laashlashes_hair_co/ 

& https://www.laashlashes.com

Ambassador – sunglasses – https://www.instagram.com/ambassador/

To purchase these awesome vintage glasses, use the code ANGELAHOLMYARD and get 50% off your purchases with free shipping. Their website is linked to their Instagram account.

Léonie Couture – Fashion Designer (Floral robe) – https://www.instagram.com/leonie.couture/

Violette Mode – Fashion Designer (lingerie and Burgundy robe) – https://www.instagram.com/violette__mode/




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