Vintage vibes with Mazzy

Vintage vibes with Mazzy

Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up. – Isabelle Lafleche

I have been wanting to do a vintage shoot with hair rollers forever. It’s just such a cool look. I wanted the photos to have a fun vibe to them. I knew the perfect model for the job, Mazzy from AMTI. I have worked with Mazzy numerous times. I adore her look and her capability to give such amazing expressions. Also, she is very fun to work with.

My team for this session was Carolyn for makeup (who used Laashlashes) Pam for hair, and Mazzy from AMTI as our model. Perfect team of fun ladies!

For clothing I pulled out a simple black semi-lace nightgown from my collection of clothing for shoots and instructed Mazzy to bring a black tube top for wearing underneath. I picked a pink background to give it a girly vibe. I also brought some vintage props I have received over the years of photography.

How adorable is Mazzy! I used a clamshell setup so they makeup and hair would be evenly light. I’m so happy we used a vibrate red lipstick. It really adds to the playfulness.

Her smile is everything! The styling was perfect but her emotions and expression made the photos. There was very little coaching on my part.

To see more of my teams work, click the links below:

Mazzy: @mazzybeasley 

AMTI:  @angiesmodels

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle

Pam: @coiffebypam

Lashes: @laashlashes


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