Boudoir Session with Nadya

Boudoir Session with Nadya

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. January is one of my favourite months for photography. I know that sounds odd with the super cold weather in Canada, but I love being creative and doing fun boudoir sessions this time of year. Boudoir sessions are not only for your significant other but also for yourself. Women are natural caregivers and spend a lot of their time looking after others, whether it is their significant other, their children, family, friends or even their careers. Women generally think first about others’ well being and before themselves. Boudoir sessions allow you to appreciate yourself, your body, and all have been through. It’s a visual landmark of your life. I love sharing the moment when my subjects see how beautiful they are for the first time in awhile. Every session is custom made for each lady. Some women would like to have photos that remind them of how sexy they felt when they first met their mate or before having a family. Others like more elegant and beauty based portraits of themselves. And some want to focus on their body’s curves in silhouettes and creative lighting.

Nadya is a local fitness model. She has given me permission to share her photos. I don’t share my clients’ personal boudoir sessions for any reason unless they give me permission. Nadya and I have worked together many of times and have built a trust-based relationship.

For our session we planned to have a very simple and clean set up. We shot in my home studio and threw a couple of blankets on the floor. Super duper easy and low key. Nadia brought a few outfits and we tried a bunch of poses. Our shoot was probably 30 minutes tops.

Because I have worked with Nadya a few times, I know her comfort level and the style of boudoir she likes. She loves portraits that show her physical physique as a fitness model. It’s very easy for me to work with her because we have similar taste in boudoir portraits. It’s always a pleasure having Nadya on set.

I have a Valentine’s Day Boudoir Session Promo happening on January 11, 2020. I have four spots opened, each an hour long. The total cost is $250. There will be sparkling wine and refreshments served. You will get to pick your top 4 favourite images which I will edit and send a digital copy afterwards. For booking and more information please email me at

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