Spring Beauty & Fitness Photoshoot 

Spring Beauty & Fitness Photoshoot 

When things starting opening up again earlier this spring/summer, I had the pleasure of shooting three beautiful ladies (Mariya Halushka, Annie Tang-Hudson, and Chloe Di Tomasso Massé) for an outdoor fitness shoot. I also had the pleasure of meeting and working with a local makeup artist, Kassandra Pereira. Kassandra is a lady to know. She part owner of an Ottawa based agency called Illuma Mgmt. Definitely an agency to check out if you are in the market of being represented.

I found this amazing team by posting a story on my Instagram asking for anyone who may be interested in doing fitness photoshoot. Every once in awhile I get inspired to be creative and try different themes with my photography. These shoot were really fun because of the amazing ladies I got to work with and also because I hadn’t done a photoshoot in months due to the COVID restrictions.

I scheduled each lady an hour apart so I had an hour to shoot each one of them. Beforehand they got their makeup done by Kassandra outdoors at a nearby park. We wanted to make sure everyone felt safe with the open air environment.

I photographed Mariya first. I walked to the experimental farm from my place so I had planned a few spots ahead of time. The flowers were in bloom and they made a great background for yoga portraits. I loved how the look so much that I did the same location for Annie.

These ladies were amazing to work with. Everyone helped each other with fitness pose ideas. It was really nice.

I photographed Chloe last. She is a local body builder and had a competition approaching. She was able to handstands and walk on her hands. Really amazing! She also brought a bunch of work out equipment so we had lots of props.

Thank you to all these ladies for an incredible day and fun photo sessions. You can check out their work by clicking the links below.

Kassandra (makeup artist): https://www.instagram.com/kassandra.pereira.mua/

Chloe: https://www.instagram.com/chloe.ditomasso/

Annie: https://www.instagram.com/annietangrealtor/

Mariya: https://www.instagram.com/m.hlsss/

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