Basketball Shoot with Tito

Basketball Shoot with Tito

I am not a very sporty person so sports photography isn’t something I would normally be very interested in. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the rules of any given sport but I do like creating creative portraits that are sports themed. Basketball is one of the sports that is visually appeals to me. Tito, an actor/model from Angie’s Models, reached out to one of my posts looking for people interested in fitness based shoots. I asked him if there was any sports that be played and basketball was one of the sports he listed. We planned the shoot and met at a local basketball court.

This shoot was challenging because it was a sunny day with hard light. I don’t back away from challenges so we kept our scheduled shoot and my goal was to capture some cool hard light portraits. Hard light creates lots of highlights and shadows and often adds unwanted texture to the skin. But shoot it correctly and with some editing the photos can pop if you know what you are doing. Men particularly look great in hard light because the shadows can add to the masculinity feel of the photos.

Here are my favourite shots from our session together.


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