2019 Actor Headshots

2019 Actor Headshots

I have been blessed last year to been given many opportunities to work with Ottawa based actors. Actor headshots are essential for actors to get hired and grow as an artist. They may look like simple headshots from surface but they are more than that. These photos need to exude the clients personality. Casting directors look at their actors headshots should be able to discern the kind of actor or person they are by simply glancing at the photo. I am honoured to have been trusted and to be hired for such a task. Here are a few actor headshots I have done last year and early this year.

Jelani, from AMTI, is an amazing actor and super beautiful model. I had the pleasure of working with her another time at a bridal shoot. She has a very warm heart and super dedicated to her craft. It was an absolute pleasure working with her.

Kevin, from AMTI, is another amazing talent. He has such a great natural smile that makes you feel like you have been best buds forever. His girlfriend accompanied him to our session and she was so supportive and helpful. I love seeing couples who bring the best in each other. It’s very heartwarming.

Isabelle, from AMTI, is an absolute sweetheart. We connected through instagram and shortly after she was accepted at Angie’s Models. Her acting/modelling career bloomed quickly. I think she is an incredible lady and has accomplished so much already in her life. I wish her all the success in her new career in acting.

Amelys, from AMTI, is such a fun girl. Her range of expressions blew me away. I had so much fun shooting with her and I loved meeting her mom. She is a very quiet girl but underneath that theres so much talent.

Zahara is an local actress in Ottawa. Her mother is her manager and contacted me for some actor headshots. Zahara was super sweet and has a beautiful smile. Carolyn did Zahara’s hair for this session.

Pam and Julie are big fans of being extras in movies. Pam is a close friend of mine. We met through work and I think she is incredible. She has this likability to her that attracts people to her. Julie just moved here from Australia and has found a good friend in Pam. Together they share acting as interest. They are adorable.

Carolyn, an amazing local stylist, did makeup and hair for many of these sessions (Jelani (hair and makeup), Kevin (light makeup only), Isabelle (hair and makeup), Zahara (hair). She is incredible at giving a natural look. It makes a world of difference to the photos.

To see more of these amazing peoples work:

Jelani: @jelaninanayakkara 

Kevin: @chillville4

Isabelle: @isaracingteam

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle

AMTI: @angiesmodels

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