Never Lose Your Creativity

Never Lose Your Creativity

COVID has changed our worlds. Things we took for granted are now forbidden until the virus in under control. It’s very easy to get unmotivated, to feel down and not feel like yourself anymore. I, myself, have been feeling all those things. I realized photography is one of those things I need in my life to feel happy. I have not ¬†been shooting at all for awhile now. Aside from the stay at home order, I have been painting my home and getting it ready to sell. My studio is filled with boxed and my main living area is upside down. I noticed my energy level changing and decided to plug in my computer in the kitchen (the only room in my place that is fully painted) and grabbed my camera. Ozzy and I had some portraits to take.

There is a park nearby my place that has a tennis court that is perfect for photoshoots. The net is not up yet so it remains vacant. Ozzy and I had a very short session there and I felt my energy levels raise up. In times like this we have to be creative to find our happiness. I will have to wait until my stylist and I can shoot safely but there are so many other things I can do to stay creative. This is just my example of how I find happiness during a lock down. Open your mind and try to see things a bit differently. It will make your days in lock down more productive and happy.

Here are the photos of my handsome boy. He loves being outside and modelling. I am so blessed to have him.

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