Moody fashion with Sabreen

Moody fashion with Sabreen

Sabreen is a beautiful woman in Ottawa who wanted to give modelling a try so we arranged a session. I actually have been photographing Sabreen’s sister since I picked up the camera back in 2017. Both sisters are very nice and warm people. There’s nothing better than photographing someone who is kind and is giving their all to the session. Sabreen brought all black clothing and we had time to photograph her in all of her outfits.

I normally focus my attention on tight cropped photos of the face because my favourite type of shoots are beauty sessions. But this time, I focused on doing more full length portraits. Sabreen is small framed and around 5’3″ (or maybe shorter) so there was a lot of poses I was able to do with my shorter-than-ideal basement studio ceiling. I make the best of the space I have in my studio but Sabreen’s height gave me endless opportunities for posing.

By looking at these portraits, you would never know Sabreen is new to modelling. She takes direction very well and her expressions are killer. Most poses you see in magazines or elsewhere are not comfortable but Sabreen did these poses with ease. I’m proud of her.

Sabreen has some really cool tattoos which I think worked perfectly with the dark outfits she brought. Tattoos are also awesome because they add character to the photos as well.

Sabreen said she had a positive experience which I was super happy to hear. I think it’s important to make sure your subjects feel at ease the whole way through the session. Many people don’t feel comfortable with having their pictures taken so I am always happy to hear that models/clients enjoyed themselves. Especially when they didn’t think they would enjoy the session because of past experiences or having too-little experience with being in front of a camera. I always have fun when photographing, so maybe that’s contagious too.

To see more of Sabreen’s work, click the link below:



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