Portrait session with Justin

Portrait session with Justin

Justin is a young, talented model and pianist. He was the first model that my student Kelsie and I worked with together. His father, James, also attended the shoot and is another incredible photographer. You can imagine my excitement with having three photographers in the room. It was definitely a fun shoot. When teaching, I split the shooting time with Kelsie so I didn’t take as many photos as I normally would.  If you’ve been reading my past blogs, you might have noted this common trend. The portraits I did get I loved, so I am happy either way.

Justin really impressed me! And I don’t get impressed very easily. He did a whole 2 hour shoot without wanting a break and stayed fully invested the whole shoot. This is incredible because normally I find children have an attention span of about 30 minutes tops before they lose interest in the shoot. You can tell Justin is very into modelling and enjoys himself while on set. Look at the three different expressions he gave me above. I am a big fan of Justin.

James went shopping before this shoot and brought really nice outfits for his son’s shoot. Talk about supportive parenting! I really loved his jacket. I can’t wait to photograph Justin again in the spring. He is really charming and polite.

To see more of Justin’s work, click the link below:


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