Summer shoot with Nadya

Summer shoot with Nadya

Shooting outdoors is always a fun and exciting adventure. This shoot brings back fond memories. Nadya, a local freelance model, and I planned to shoot in the morning at Mooney’s Bay. I brought my dog, Ozzy, with me because he loves adventures as well. The weather was beautiful and warm and the sun wasn’t harsh. All the elements came together perfectly.

The theme of this shoot was fitness. Nadya had done her hair and makeup for this shoot. She also brought a bunch of outfits which all rocked. Nadya was in school at that time to become a yoga teacher so there will be some yoga-like poses in our collection together.

Mooney’s Bay is a pretty awesome spot to shoot because they have so much different things going on at one location. There is a workout area, two kids parks, an eatery (which is seasonal so was closed when we went there – our shoot was early September). There is also a bridge, the sandy area along the beach and a trail with a huge hill on its side.

Nadya is a very beautiful model and also very easy to get along with. We have had many shoots together which have all been fun. I really enjoy working with her. She has an amazing sense of humour so there’s really never a dull moment.

These kind of shoots are fun. You are not restrained to a studio space so there is some freedom to them. We shot pretty much everywhere and I didn’t limit myself to areas that made the perfect backdrop. Sometimes its good to go with the flow and see what you can create.

We found an orange wall inside the eatery. I played with empty space and let Nadya do her thing and pose as she wishes. Most shoots I give lots of direction with posing but not this shoot. I also had a curious dog on my hands so I had to keep him happy too.

I think Ozzy knew there was food being served there weeks before because he really wanted to check this spot out. I let him go explore. There was no one around at the time so he absolutely loved that.

Ozzy was very tired after this adventure because we walked all the way home which was about 6kms. He loved the walk minus the part where we had to go over the bridge on Baseline.


To see more of Nadya’s work click the link below.

Nadya: @nadpheebs 


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