Model Portfolio with Marissa G

Model Portfolio with Marissa G

Marissa’s amazing mom, Claudia, reached out to me asking if I could do her daughter’s model portfolio. Marissa is a very beautiful young model being represented by Angie’s models. I said yes – it was a no brainer. I reached out to my partner in crime, Carolyn, to see if she was free to do makeup. Claudia did Marissa’s hair. Turns out Claudia is a hairstylist. How perfect is that? We ran it by her agent, Angie, and we were good to go. Marissa is a commercial model so Angie wanted photos with smiles and movement. For model portfolio photos, modelling agencies usually want a natural look (pretty much just even out the skin tones) and a simple hair style. That’s exactly what Carolyn did. We did the shoot in Carolyn’s spacious living room so Carolyn would be available to do any touchups.

Marissa brought a large assortment of clothing and shoes for us to pick from. I tried to get as many outfits photographed as possible. I wanted there to be as much variety to choose from when sending her photos to her agent after the shoot. For model portfolios, you want some close headshots, quarter length and full length photos. I try my very best to get as many angles of the model as possible as well. Your goal as a photographer is to capture the most true photos of the model. You want the model to walk in to her castings and for the casting director to recognize her without any doubt.

Marissa was amazing at posing. I always direct a little because I can see the little adjustments that could be made to make the post the very best. It’s hard to visualize how you are posing as a model. It’s definitely a skill that models have but a little help is needed now and again.

I picked a grey background because I didn’t want the background to be distracting in any way. The shoot is about the model not about making the portrait artsy. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple.

As you can see, Marissa is a natural beauty with a very beautiful smile. She was a pleasure to work with. Before the shoot, Carolyn asked her if it would be okay to do a glamour look after doing her portfolio photos. Carolyn had made these beautiful flower crowns and wanted a chance to doll Marissa up. They agreed and we had some fun with taking some beauty shots after. Check them out.

Carolyn is amazingly talented. She nailed this look. She was right – Marissa was perfect for this look. We had such a great time working with Marissa and meeting her mom.

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