Help others grow and blossom yourself

Portrait of a caucasian model wearing natural makeup for a wedding look.

Help others grow and blossom yourself

Helping others is the way we help ourself. – Oprah Winfrey

They say that you get the best ideas and are the most productive within the first few hours of waking up. I literally heard this last night when I stayed up until the wee morning hours watching Mel Robbins on Creativelive. I absorbed her words carefully but experienced it first hand this afternoon when I finally rose out of bed. I was uploading some bridal beauty looks that I did for my friend, Carolyn, some time ago and started thinking of how great of an experience that was. I thought about how even though initially I did this shoot to showcase my friend’s talent as a makeup and hairstylist in order to get her more work in the wedding realm, I also gained a lot from the experience. I realized there has been a pattern whereby being a kind and giving person inevitably comes full circle, and as the giver, I have benefitted so much more. I learned the more you help others, the more you grow as well.


Let’s dive into this idea a little more. When you help out a friend or another small business you get the “feel good” feelings. Your dopamine spikes and you feel empowered. That alone is an amazing reward, but there is so much more. You make the person you help feel happy as well, because you are enabling them to work towards their goals and, in my experience, the true meaning of happiness is the pursuit or attainment of one’s goals. In most cases, you are also strengthening a relationship with the person you are helping. By helping, you are strengthening your own skills because practice makes perfect. But that’s not all, you are opening yourself up to new experiences in the process. In my case, I got to meet four new beautiful up and coming models. This allowed me branch out my network and build more relationships. This let four new people know who I am and what I do as a business and that is incredible. Opportunities like these lead to more business opportunities down the road.

With all these benefits I think it’s important to include helping others among your yearly goals. It wouldn’t make sense to do this all the time because as a business person you need to focus on your own business goals, but doing this once every few months definitely has its benefits. This doesn’t have to be limited to business, like in my example. It could be giving a helping hand to an elderly neighbour whenever you can, or doing something for your parents that they may be having trouble with. It really could be anything. Giving back is such an incredible feeling alone. The added bonus of all the other things I have mentioned are peanuts in comparison.

In a time like today, when there is so much uncertainty, doing a nice thing for someone else can really go along way.


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