Nature photography at Mud Lake

Grey squirrel standing on a wooden man made bridge looking towards the camera.

Nature photography at Mud Lake

It’s been a while since I last made a post. My business, like many others around the world right now, has been shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, I have been making the most of it by learning more photography skills, starting a youtube channel, and venturing into the world of stock photography. I found comfort in this stressful time by focusing on my growth as a photographer while I have very little distractions. There are always hidden blessings in all life’s hardships. It’s all about how you persevere through your situation and grow stronger.

I have always loved taking photos of the nature within our beautiful city. The very first photographs I took when I was starting out were photos of nature. It is super relaxing being outside, taking in the fresh air and getting some exercise. There is no pressure to get the perfect shot and you can enjoy the moment. Today, I went out to a local conservation area called Mud Lake and took some nature shots. I’ll start with the beautiful wood ducks. I was actually surprised how brave the hens were compared to the male ducks.

male wood duck standing on a rock near a lake in Ottawa, Canada.

Female adult wood duck standing on a rock near a lake.


I met a couple of local photographers I know while entering the reserve and they told me about a spotting of eastern screech owls. I didn’t quite have a long enough lens to get close-up photos, but I still wanted to check them out. They are super cute!

Truth be told, I was really there hoping to get some cute squirrel photos. I know it might sound weird to want to take photos of squirrels, but I find them so adorable. Lots of them are very curious and like to check you out so you can get some good photos.

And then there was this beautiful male mallard! Show stopper! I probably took 100 photos of this dude. He was watching me and looking majestic and royal. I swear to you he was posing up a storm and doing a hell of a lot of quacking. He was liking what I was selling.

I saw this cute initial engraving on a tree and stopped to take a photos. I thought it might be good for stock photography. Who knows. I hope E and K are still together. The Canadian geese were out too but I didn’t see many of them. Those geese are not afraid of anything and love their time in the spot light probably more than any other creature I have photographed.

I had so much fun photographing nature today. Stay safe everyone and see you all soon when all this is over.

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