Beauty Session with Janice

Beauty Session with Janice

Janice has such a unique and beautiful look. Her eyes are incredibly beautiful and she is a very nice person to work with. She is both an actor and model and is being represented by Angie’s Models. We worked together a couple times before and I feel each time we do we get better shots. For this shoot we had Carolyn do her hair and makeup. The hair style is has a vintage vibe to it which I adore.

I chose to challenge myself by having a dark hair model on a black background. I had a off camera flash set up behind her that was shooting downwards. I wanted to make sure there was a separation from her hair and the background. Very important.

Janice brought her own clothing which I loved. She has the nicest style so all the outfits worked beautiful. I don’t even mind that her clothing weren’t vintage. I wasn’t trying to capture an authentic vintage look but more a modern twist to it.

Carolyn did such an amazing job on the look. This style definitely suits Janice perfectly. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Lashes: @laashlashes

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