Futuristic Fashion shoot with Hannah

Futuristic Fashion shoot with Hannah

Fashion Designer, Michele Beaudoin, came to me with a concept I couldn’t pass down. She had made a dress with a futuristic style. Michele is an incredible designer and also super nice. I love all her designs and I also love working with her. She has a great sense of humour which can sometimes be hidden behind her quiet exterior. She had chosen  Hannah to model for this shoot. Carolyn did the makeup and hair for. Carolyn used Laash Lashes for this look.  Here’s the makeup look.

The chosen shoot location was at Morrison’s Quarry. This is an amazing location to shoot at. There is lots of white rocks gathered in large piles and clear lakes and ponds. I believe this is also a place where people go to bungie jump. We did our shoot near the parking lot. Hannah was a great sport, wearing high heels in an extremely rocky area. We made sure she didn’t fall by having someone help her get to each spot.


I loved Michele’s dress. It had a Tinkerbell feel to it. I can see Michele being about to shoot this dress over and over again because just by changing the location you will get a different mood and feel.

This shoot was shot within thirty minutes. The location we were shooting at was closing and that meant we needed to leave the premise. We got some awesome shots with the time we had.

I think my team did such an amazing job and I am super grateful that Michele asked me to be her photographer for this session. I had so much fun shooting her dress.

To see more of my teams work, click the links below:

Hannah: @Hannah.pelkeyxo

Michele: @basement68clothing

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle

Lashes: @laashlashes


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