Publication in Jadwiga Magazine

Publication in Jadwiga Magazine

Jadwiga Magazine is a magazine that is about female beauty in all of its forms. They like to showcase diversity whether is be race, size, nationality and age. I loved that. After working with the beautiful model, Amy for AMTI, I knew I wanted to do a beauty look with her. She is super beautiful and very easy to work with. I wanted a look that was on the paler side, with pearls to add some feminity and something creative so after chatting with stylist, Carolyn, we made a game plan. I went to Value Village and found a basic light brown sweater and scheduled a session with Amy through her agency. I used a fabric background because I love the texture it adds to the photos. I think the session took about twenty minutes. That’s as long as it takes when you are working with professionals. Here’s our tear-sheet from the magazine.

There’s something about working in a team of strong and creative women that is so rewarding. I came up with the basic idea and found the sweater, Carolyn brought the look to life with how she envisioned it and with her added personal style. Amy’s added her touch to the photos by showcasing her expertise in posing, expression and attitude. I am very happy how the photos turned out.

To see more of my teams work, click the link below.

Amy: @_amyshowell

Agency: @angiesmodels

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle

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