Boudoir session with Mary Elin

Boudoir session with Mary Elin

There are some people you meet that just make you feel alive when you are around them. It’s hard to describe, but you just feel good. Mary Elin is one of these people. She is down to earth and has a great sense of humour. I have written previously about my shoots with Mary Elin so if there’s a bit of a deja vu thats is why. Mary Elin is a beautiful, mature model and is represented by Angie’s AMTI. She is a great model to work with. We work as a team and together find poses that work for her body, our concept, and the setting. Her attention to detail is on point and I always have a good laugh or two when we are together.

Mary Elin’s makeup and hair were done by the talented Poonam. This is my very first time working with Poonam and I am super happy with the look she created. She came as a recommendation from Carolyn, my main stylist She did such an incredible job and you will definitely see her work again on my page.

I planned a bunch of poses ahead of time that I wanted to try. I love doing that as a starting point and letting the models move naturally from that pose to another. Posing is all about movement. I planned to mostly do black and white photos but I didn’t plan for them to have an old Hollywood vibe to them. Mary Elin is super elegant naturally so my job was relatively easy.

I couldn’t decide which photo I liked more – colour or black or white. Then I realized I didn’t have to decide and kept both. I love the colours in these because of the softness of the pinks, but the black and white is so beautiful.


If you would like to have a boudoir session for yourself (or want to gift a session for a loved one) feel free to reach out. I have a Valentine’s day promotion for January 11th. Contact me for more details.

Check out my teams work:

Mary Elin:@maryelinmoore

Angie’s Models:  @angiesmodels

Poonam: @resilient.journey

My photography page: @angelaholmyardphotography

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