Couple Session with Max and Karis

Couple Session with Max and Karis

There is something romantic about doing lifestyle portraits of a couple in love. This is what I wanted to create with Max and Karis. I had taken their photographs in an urban setting wearing high fashion clothing previously but I wanted to change things up. I love lifestyle photos but don’t shoot it often. I wanted to capture intimate moments with the couple while they are having fun hanging out in their house in PJs. You may recognize the bedroom from my other shoots so it is actually in one of my bedrooms but thats our little secret.

I started with some simple posed photos. I love the meaningful embrace photos. They are always adorable. A photo where the couple takes a minute to enjoy each other in their life and appreciate their partner. It’s just super romantic.

Next I got Karis to jump over Max’s shoulder and give him a kiss on the cheek. Movement always creates good photos and natural expressions. I believe it also makes the shoot more fun and gives the shoot a relaxed vibe. This is even more important when models/clients are wearing clothes that are more intimate like pjs. Karis and Max are professionals and are super down to earth. They rocked this shoot!

They are such a great couple to work with. They are very comfortable with each other and are super cute together. They have a natural chemistry that is a dream for photographers. I knew this the first time meeting Max at our first couple session. They were down to try any pose and when doing the pose they would naturally move from that pose and make it better. They are incredible people.

I love switching a few photos to black and white especially the ones with lots of feeling to them. Black and white adds a moody feel to the photo.

I was super happy with the results we got from our session. Karis and Max are just so easy to work with and fun to hang around on set.

To see more of Karis and Max’s work:

Karis: @k_grub

Max: @the_alter_native

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