Happy birthday Hayden!

Happy birthday Hayden!

A few weeks ago I got together with my good friend, Hayden, to do some actor headshots and model portraits. She wanted to update her portfolio which is super important to do when you are a working actor. She is presented by AMTI and Angie keep her busy with work. Today’s her birthday! What a perfect day to write a blog about her and our work together.

Hayden is a natural beauty. She did her own hair and makeup for this shoot. We chatted while she applied minimum makeup. She requested the dark green backdrop for the shoot. The backdrop is from Savage Universal and could be purchased at Henrys. The colour is called Evergreen and its definitely one of my favourites. Henry’s only carries a few colours in store but there is a chart where you can select additional colours and I ordered this one in. Savage Universal has so many colours to chose from. It’s a studio photographer’s dream.

Hayden came to my studio for actor headshots but we did some model beauty shots while she was over. I absolutely love beauty shots and Hayden has a number of years of modelling under her belt so we had fun. Her beautiful green eyes was a lovely match for the green backdrop.

Here are the actor headshots she selected. I did very little skin retouching for these photos. She has beautiful skin to begin with so I really didn’t need to do much. I love her range of expressions. She’s a star!

I love this stool. Ruth, my boyfriend’s mom, found it at a second hand store. It has so much character. I know it’s not the key element to this photo but details do matter. The one I was using before and still have is one I bought at Walmart. It looks like it’s bought at Walmart too. Super generic and with the mass production look. The vintage stool was such a great find.

For some variation, Hayden threw her hair up in a bun. She did this without a mirror. I am still setting up my dream studio and don’t have my large fold out mirror set up yet. The strands of hair falling out the braid was intentional but it’s not an easy look to do without a few attempts and especially without seeing what you are doing. Hayden nailed it the first time.

To see more of Hayden’s work, click the link below.

Hayden: @Hayden.roro

AMTI: @angiesmodels

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