Moody Black & White shoot with Katlyn

Moody Black & White shoot with Katlyn

I love working with Katlyn. She is one of the models I have worked with the most and is always down to try new concepts with me. She is very liable and is always super happy and really fun to chat with. She is great at doing her own hair – she is a hair stylist by trade – and her makeup skills are pretty damn good too. Not to mention she is beyond gorgeous. She is definitely one of my favourite models. Needless to say I was very excited to try this concept with her.

For all these photos I used a one light set up. I used my Elinchrom BRX 500 strobe and a large octabox with a large silver reflector. I raised my light to the ceiling and angled it downwards so her face was light but the light falls out as it goes down to her legs. I shot these in colour and converted them to black and white in photoshop.

Katlyn borrowed a cigarette from her coworker and we never lit it. The cigarette was more for mood. I could have edited the cigarette to look like it was lit with smoke but decided against it. I’m not a big fan of adding things to photos that aren’t originally in the photo. I love keeping things simple.

I love close up portraits so I had to get a couple. I also wanted to do some fitness style photos with the same setup. Katlyn wore boxers and a sports bra. I loved that it showed more of her tattoos.

I left two in colour. She is great with moody expressions and I loved the pop of purple in her hair. Katlyn always has the coolest hair. She loves adding fun and vibrate colours to her dark hair. It always looks amazing.

To see more of Katlyn’s work:


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