Thrift fashion with Amanda

Thrift fashion with Amanda

I met the wonderful Amanda through Instagram. I came across her page while browsing Ottawa hashtags. Her page stood out to me because it’s one of those accounts that has a lot of personality. You really get a hip and trendy vibes from viewing her page. I reached out to her telling her I loved her page and style and that I had a photography special on and she signed up right away. I was pretty pumped to meet Amanda and to see what clothing she would bring.

She decided on four outfits. All of her outfits and accessories are from thrift stores. I absolutely love shopping at second hand stores myself. It’s great for the environment, our community and gives items that would be thrown out a second time to shine. I specially love shopping for shoots. It gives me way to get inspired.

Amanda turned out to be a natural at posing. It was summer when we did our shoot so her summer fashion look went with the season. I picked the almond coloured background for the commercial feel. Also its my favourite backdrop that I have in the large size.

Amanda is a very beautiful person so it was very easy for me to capture her beauty. Here’s her second look. Relaxed and fashionable. I think this was my favourite outfit of the four that she brought. This outfit would be perfect for everyday wear. Not office wear but when you are relaxing with your friends.

I am impressed that she was able to find such great jeans at second hand stores. To go shopping for jeans is usually painful when all the pants have the same sizing. I can’t image trying on a bunch of jeans with all different sizing. Got to give the girl credit. That must have taken awhile. I absolutely love her style and she is such a nice person. It was a very fun shoot.


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