Twiggy inspired Magazine Publication with Hayden Rose

Twiggy inspired Magazine Publication with Hayden Rose

I get great pleasure working with close friends and it’s an added bonus when they are extremely talented actors/models. Hayden is no exception. Hayden is represented by the amazing talent agency, Angie’s Models, and she is super hard working and driven. She is well known in the Canadian acting scene and also supports other actors like herself grow as artists with her acting coaching and acting tapes. She is a very giving person and loves to help others. I am happy to call her my friend.

Carolyn was our stylist for this shoot. Carolyn is so detail oriented and creative. She created a beautiful look for Hayden and I feel she created a modern Twiggy! I love recreating art and past fashion trends. I also love working with other talented artists to make new art and submitting what we create to magazines. I really loved the vibes we created from this shoot and asked my team permission to submit the photos to Horizont Magazine. Everyone was on board and our work together was accepted! Here’s our publication.

Half of our shoot was done in my studio and the other was done on Preston Street. Looking back I think I preferred the studio shots more. When its warm outside you get the urge to take your shoots outdoors but you don’t have control of the your environment like you do in your studio. Sometimes the outdoor environment works in your favour and other times it doesn’t. You roll the dice and that’s what I did. Nonetheless, I loved this experience and the results we got! Carolyn and Hayden did an incredible job.

To see more of my teams works click the links below.

Hayden Rose: @Hayden.roro

Agency: @angiesmodels 

Carolyn: @carolynbeautyandstyle



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