Beauty Session with Amy

Beauty Session with Amy

I absolutely love doing beauty shoots, so when Amy contacted me inquiring about a beauty session, I was thrilled. She showed me many samples of photos that she loved and  Carolyn, our stylist for the shoot, came up with a beautiful look. Amy is from Angie’s AMTI and is super sweet. I had a lot of fun working with her.

Carolyn gave Amy soft curls which I loved. She also picked a soft orange/red colour to match her green eyes. Carolyn is an amazing stylist.

Amy and I picked two backgrounds to use for her beauty session. This beige colour (almond) from Savage Universal is one of my favourite backgrounds. I have many  backgrounds of theirs, most of which I had bought from my days working at Henry’s, a local photography retailer. This one has been used many times for a clean, commercial feel.

The second background we chose was a bright light blue. The blue really pops and has a completely different feel.  This makes the portraits seem different even though the styling is the same.

For all these photos I had a one light setup. I used a clamshell lighting technique where the strobe is positioned above the subject, angling downwards, and a reflector is below, angling upwards. I used a large octobox to provide beautiful soft light. The reflector bounces the light upwards to fill in any shadows. It’s super simple but works like a charm.

Check out the links below to see more of my team’s work:

Amy – model – @_amyshowell

Modeling agency – Angie’s models – @angiesmodels

Carolyn – makeup/hair – @carolynbeautyandstyle


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