Summer shoot with Evelyn

Summer shoot with Evelyn

Inspiration comes in many forms.  For this shoot, I was inspired by a dress that my friend Ruth found at a thrift store. It was a dress for a young girl, and once I saw it, I had just the model in mind. I had only met Evelyn briefly at the Runway for Hope the year before, when I was taking photos behind the scenes, but I had worked with her mother, Kimberly, many times and I consider her a friend now. I asked Kimberly if Evelyn would be interested in doing a spring shoot with a pretty purple dress. I sent the measurements of the dress and it was a fit and Evelyn was game. I was super excited. Ruth made a cute summer hat to go with the dress. Here’s the look we created.

Evelyn was the perfect model for the shoot. She is such a polite and positive mind young lady. She is also very professional. I met up with Evelyn and Kimberly at the experimental farm. I wanted to take these photos beside a lilac tree to have the purples in the background. This is exactly what I achieved.

The shoot took all of 15 minutes. I had gotten the photos I wanted very quickly because Evelyn is an excellent model and did an incredible job. She gave me some beautiful smiles and nailed it. I am very blessed to have so much amazing talented people in my life. I absolutely love giving clothing a second life and capturing beautiful portraits with them instead of sending them to landfills.

To see more of Evelyn’s work as model check out the link below

Evelyn: @evelynm613


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