Sword Dance with Ruth

Sword Dance with Ruth

Two years ago I had a fun fall shoot with my boyfriend’s mom, Ruth. She had a cool idea of taking some bellydance photos outdoors in autumn. She was going to dance with a sword on her head. That’s pretty cool! She had a location picked out on the trails near Kanata. She had made this beautiful and colourful dance costume with tons of accessories. The whole shoot was pretty inspiring. Ruth is a woman of many talents. She is one of my role models.

There was a beautiful spot on a bridge with lots of orange trees in all their autumn glory. It was magical watching her dance. All the colours on her costume really popped. I, myself, am not a dancer so I just watched and captured moments as the dance unfolded. I had a great time.

We did some dance poses on the bridge, then did some close up photos of her jewelry and the details in her skirt. How could I not? All that work put into a dance performance is unreal. It’s nice to appreciate the hard work that does into something so beautiful.

The sword dancing photos were made a bit dramatic with the natural light on purpose. I wanted to add some mood to the dance and I found that in the woods behind the bridge. The sunset was just slightly peeking through the tree canopy. I was super happy that in one of the photos, the sun hit the sword just right.

The final photo I got the photo of Ruth balancing the sword on her head – not an easy feat. That was pretty cool. You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but there was a little pond in the breaks of the rocks. Ruth wasn’t dancing on a completely smooth surface which must have been challenging.

I shot these photos with my old camera, a Canon 6D. I was probably using my kit lens (24-105mm f/4). I was fairly new to photography when I shot these, but I still love them. They hold great memories.


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